"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."
‒Chinese Proverb

[image] Meg Rennie, Anna Krost & Toby Underwood during an R&D 2017

Teaching languages through drama is unique. Using drama enables the speaker to physically practice the language. Our workshops are far removed from the endless lists of vocabulary and will allow the participant to embody the language.  

Our drama workshops will promote fluency of a language by addressing vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as self-confidence & cultural awareness. For example, if you are studying a scene from a play, you will be encouraged to listen to, read and then repeat the character's lines. This will prove to be incredibly effective as it will help you remember the structure of the language.

As mentioned above, these workshops will also be designed to improve your confidence and your ability to speak more clearly, thus improving your fluency and understanding of the language. We will work in a safe space and encourage the participant to use language confidently and creatively. You will be surprised by how much your imagination improves too! 

We understand that no one learns in exactly the same way and we all process information at different rates. We believe that learning languages in a creative, safe environment will allow each participant to understand the language in their own way.